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The Zio Story

Born and raised in Burbank, California, it was not unusual for a young Louis Dargenzio to pass by film sets and movie studios on a regular basis, but it was a chance encounter with a high school friend that changed his course in life and put him in the motion picture industry.

With an instinct for business and numbers, Louis got his tax preparers license the same year he graduated high school. It was while doing a friend’s taxes that he saw an opportunity he had to pursue. When Louis saw how much his friend made that year, which was substantially more than he made, he asked what he did for a living. “I drive a big truck with talent changing rooms and crew restrooms, called a honeywagon”, his friend said.

Growing up enjoying the outdoors with his family, Louis was already experienced driving motorhomes and towing boat trailers so he convinced his friend to refer him to a transportation coordinator who needed help on a three week low budget movie.

Barely out of his teens, an ambitious Louis learned everything he could about how transportation on a movie set works and told his friend’s boss, who owned the honeywagons, that he would work for free if he put him on his next job as a honeywagon driver. Impressed by Louis’ acquired knowledge and enthusiasm, the owner placed him on a show, but not as an entry level driver. Instead, he had Louis oversee the show. Louis learned how to manage a show from beginning to end, as well as the drivers and, at the same time, he also quickly learned the rental business.

Shortly after this show, Louis overheard the honeywagon owner say he needed three trucks to pull his five-room honeywagons. Louis jumped on the opportunity and told the owner, “I will buy the trucks!” The owner laughed and said, “How would you buy the trucks, you’re just a kid?” Louis answered , “Give me your word that you will rent the trucks and I will buy them.” The owner, once again, impressed by the confidence and determination in Louis’ voice, agreed.

With that, the seeds of Zio were sown. Louis, at 20 years old, not only found a way to buy three trucks to pull honeywagons, he added a fuel truck and eventually purchased a honeywagon of his own. Louis wanted to call his rental company Dargenzio Rentals, but knew no one would ever find the website and he also needed a catchy logo, so he simply shortened it to Zio and Zio Rentals was born in November 2007.

Over the next several years, Louis worked regularly as a Transportation Coordinator on many films, videos and commercials while, at the same time, adding vehicles to the Zio fleet. A fleet that would eventually grow to over 100 vehicles.


Zio Rentals not only provides its many vehicles to the motion picture industry, but also transportation services, production supplies, production offices and production sound stages. The company also functions on the same “Make it happen” attitude that Louis founded the company with. Working within a shows budget and finding solutions to whatever the customer needs is what drives the Zio team.

The customer’s needs has ALWAYS been the number one priority at Zio and ALWAYS will be!